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Oscars 2016, Movie Review: When Marnie Was There

Originally posted on Ice the Burn:
Studio Ghibli. Enough said. While I want to focus this review mostly on the film, it’s difficult to do so without also addressing Studio Ghibli, one of the greatest animation studios, and its current hiatus situation when it comes to the film’s impact and importance of being nominated at the Academy Awards. In any case, I’ll start with the review first. And to point out: I watched this movie in Japanese with English subtitles. I don’t know how voters watched this film when voting for it to be nominated (and voting for the winning film), but I’m sure the difference in voice acting and adaptation of lines and interpretation will certainly have some impact on the experience. It’s a little strange to tackle this film when seeing only one version – especially the Japanese version, but I’m going for it anyway. Check it out: Anna Sasaki, a tomboyish preteen, lives with foster parents in Sapporo, Japan. She is distant from them mostly, and after having an asthma attack at…

Artists To Know: Raury

Raury, 19, is a rising Atlanta artist. Within the last couple of years there’s been a lot of buzz about him. He’s received a lot of attention, including this in depth post on Buzzfeed. He released his first mixtape, Indigo Child, in August 2014. That same year he also signed with Columbia Records. Check out a few of his songs below. If you’ve got the time, take a look at this video. Sway questions whether Raury will be one of many future faces of hip hop. He freestyles and talks a bit about good and evil in the music. Share your thoughts below. For more check him out on YouTube, Soundcloud, and other WordPress blogs. Know an artist that’s up and coming? Send suggestions to G.U.M Team

Mr. Men Characters Reimagined for Millennials

I used to love Mr. Men books and videos. In November of 2014 Max Knoblauch was kind enough to create an updated version for the millennials who loved the books as a kid, and they are great! My favorite one is… Because this one’s true for most of us…even non-millennials. Check out the rest here. Have some of your own? Comment below or send them to G.U.M Team

Flannery O’Connor| Good Country People

Flannery O’Connor is one of my favorite short story writers. Many of her works are described as a southern gothic style or dark humor. Her stories always seemed to have a great twist at the end. One of my favorite pieces is Good Country People. Check out an excerpt below: Besides the neutral expression that she wore when she was alone, Mrs. Freeman had two others, forward and reverse, that she used for all her human dealings. Her forward expression was steady and driving like the advance of a heavy truck. Her eyes never swerved to left or right but turned as the story turned as if they followed a yellow line down the center of it. She seldom used the other expression because it was not often necessary for her to retract a statement, but when she did, her face came to a complete stop, there was an almost imperceptible movement of her black eyes, during which they seemed to be receding, and then the observer would see that Mrs. Freeman, though she might stand …

Best and Worst Advice Given to 90s Kids

BEST ADVICE ENJOY BEING A KID. I’m an adult, in America, with the internet at my finger tips. I’m far from naive or sheltered. Sadly this doesn’t hold true for all adults. At the same time, I enjoy embracing my inner child. I’ve held on to my creativity, imagination, honesty, and open heart. I enjoy the small (and big) things in life. I love new things! As Ursula K. Le Guin once said, “The creative adult is the child who survived.” I SURVIVED! IT’S OKAY TO FALL IN LOVE AT A YOUNG AGE Unless the other person is illegally older. Then you might want to wait. Cory and Topanga. The Ross and Rachel of the 90s teen shows. There are many who pressure young people to “explore” before they settle down. Though there’s nothing wrong with exploring, there’s also nothing wrong with committing to a relationship. Just because it’s a societal norm to commit at a later age, doesn’t mean you have to wait. Again, unless it’s illegal. EXPRESS YOURSELF. Sometimes you’ve had a long day and …