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Day 1: LA/San Diego

Originally posted on Trekking Together:
Tom and I arrived onto American soil (or tarmac) late on Wednesday the 22nd of July, and we were eager to start our Trek America adventure the following morning. We were up bright and early on the Thursday, ready to meet our trek group at 7:30am. I was a little bit apprehensive about meeting everyone at first – I’d read blog posts about Trek America before coming and some mentioned that one awkward person on the trek who hogged all the wifi and charger points, and who didn’t pull their weight in camp. But I soon saw I had nothing to worry about, everyone was super friendly, and throughout the trek everybody did their bit in camp whether it was the cooking or cleaning, and there were no arguments over who got to charge their phone on the van! After a slight delay, because our trek leader got caught in LA traffic, we were on the road to San Diego! It was about a two to three hour drive, and even though…