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Hi! My name is Kat Sladic and I made this blog to inspire and help people out all over the world by giving simple and easy tips about beauty and fashion, to get yourself looking great, fuss-free.  I also wanted to share some of my lifestyle, which includes staying healthy, recipe ideas and places I’ve traveled! As it’s been described before, O so Vogue has a bit of everything for everyone!

A Letter to My Best Friend

Originally posted on sexintheiowacityy:
To you, I love you in the most platonic way possible. You’re my best friend. You have grown to be like a sister. Not that I need any more of those, but you have. I’ve never had a friendship this strong that wasn’t bound by blood. I know I’ve never truly been in a relationship, but I believe this is how people in relationships feel. I constantly worry about losing you. Not because I think you would willingly choose to abandon our friendship, but because the people who enter my life have a tendency to come and go. I think about what will happen when we graduate from college, and we head our separate ways. It makes me incredibly sad, and I know I shouldn’t be, because I have no idea what will happen. We could make long distance friendship our bitch, ya know? But we could also get so busy with our new lives and our new jobs and our new friends that we stay in contact less and less.…