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TED Talk Tuesday: What It Feels Like to Be Transgender

Lee Mokobe is a poet, who also happens to be transgender. With all of the talk about being transgender *cough cough Caitlyn Jenner* and the questions that have surfaced, I thought this poem may help to answer a few of those. Sex and gender studies has been a topic of interest for me for a while. I’m glad transgender issues are finally becoming a prominent topic of discussion. Share your thoughts below or email them to In the meantime, enjoy the spoken word. G.U.M Team

Best and Worst Advice Given to 90s Kids

BEST ADVICE ENJOY BEING A KID. I’m an adult, in America, with the internet at my finger tips. I’m far from naive or sheltered. Sadly this doesn’t hold true for all adults. At the same time, I enjoy embracing my inner child. I’ve held on to my creativity, imagination, honesty, and open heart. I enjoy the small (and big) things in life. I love new things! As Ursula K. Le Guin once said, “The creative adult is the child who survived.” I SURVIVED! IT’S OKAY TO FALL IN LOVE AT A YOUNG AGE Unless the other person is illegally older. Then you might want to wait. Cory and Topanga. The Ross and Rachel of the 90s teen shows. There are many who pressure young people to “explore” before they settle down. Though there’s nothing wrong with exploring, there’s also nothing wrong with committing to a relationship. Just because it’s a societal norm to commit at a later age, doesn’t mean you have to wait. Again, unless it’s illegal. EXPRESS YOURSELF. Sometimes you’ve had a long day and …

5 Signs That You Are an Anti-Hipster

FOR THE RECORD: The anti in anti-hipster is pronounced like an-tee. If you pronounce it an-tie most people will think you hate hipsters. Unless you do hate them, in which case, do whatever you want. As for the antee-hipsters. Here are the signs: 1. YOU POSSESS A “NERDY” CHARACTERISTIC. Just because.   In my case, this would be my preference to stay in and read a good book while drinking tea. Thus the reason I have a books & tea pinterest board. 2. YOU’RE USED TO PEOPLE CALLING YOU WEIRD, and you don’t give a damn. Since high school, and I couldn’t care less. 3. YOU STOPPED TRYING TO BE COOL YEARS AGO. Either you were “over it” or didn’t care to keep up. I couldn’t keep up, so I decided to do #4. 4. YOU DO WHATEVER THE HELL YOU WANT, because you can. It’s like I always say, “Be yourself. Unless you suck. Then change, but still be yourself.” 5. YOU ARE NEVER AHEAD OF THE TIMES, but sometimes they catch up with you. This …