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Official Sherlock Special Trailer!

Originally posted on Fandom Addict:
Hi everyone, I know I’ve posted a lot about this, but it’s just too exciting to ignore! We finally have a real trailer for the Sherlock special! As I’ve said in my many previous posts, the new Sherlock one-off episode will be set in Victorian times, in the original Sherlock Holmes time period. The episode is set to air Christmas 2015. This trailer gives us a glimpse of just how exciting it will be! The twitter link to the tweet containing the trailer from the official Sherlock page is below: A couple important corollaries from the trailer to the series and books that I noticed: First, Sherlock and John call each other Holmes and Watson, different from the series but in line with the original canon. Second, there were a few lines that were also said in the series (“The curtain rises…” was also said in “The Great Game”). Until next time! Have any updates or corollaries that I didn’t mention? Comment below!

What Is This?

Originally posted on A Sunny Place To Think:
Tonight, the topic of conversation between my parents is my wedding. They’re planning it. I don’t even have a boyfriend! Did they secretly find my blog between now and yesterday and read my last post? Ah…but they reassure me it’s just a “future planning” thing and that they are including my brother’s weddings, too. For instance, what to do if one of the three of us, or two of us, or all three of us get married in the next three years. Since Jae and I are still single, and Kit is the only one with a serious relationship (going on 4 years now), I think they only have one wedding to plan in the near future. This doesn’t bother me that they are discussing these sorts of plans…it’s that they’re pairing me with a guy they approve of for me as my husband for the planning. Of course he is a nice kid and the boy of my discussion yesterday (Ant, I’m talking about Ant!)…but it just…