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Barry’s Place: Eco Friendly Paradise

TRAVELLING THE WORLD SOLO After being assaulted and very nearly robbed in Dili, I desperately wanted Atauro to be the haven I imagined it to be. I was to stay on the island with no way of contacting the outside world for a few days and after the previous days incident, I was worried it would be another horrible experience – but this time one I couldn’t run away from. Luckily for me, all those fears were unfounded and instead, what I found on Atauro was nothing short of paradise. Better yet – it was off-season paradise – which meant that for the majority of my stay, I did not have to share this unspoiled island with any other travellers. Atauro Island is located 36km north of Dili and is accessible by numerous different private boat companies and also occasionally by the Nakroma ferry. Transfers go for around $40 USD and usually take… View original post 989 more words

22 Travel Tips We Learned the Hard Way So You Don’t Have To!

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Throughout our travels we have made plenty of mistakes. Here’s a list of travel tips we’ve learned the hard way so you don’t have to! Tell your bank where you’re going so you can use your bankcard there. Get good walking shoes.  Shop at local supermarkets and cook for yourself. Locals don’t eat out all the time and neither should you! Buy a small backpack, forcing yourself to pack light. Always pack as light as you can. Pack a needle and thread.  When you go out, take only the bare essentials. Bring the amount of cash you plan on spending. Don’t bring your bankcards and passport with you every time you leave the place you are staying. Make extra copies of your passport, flight info. and other important documents. Put these copies in different bags and if you’re traveling with a buddy; carry a copy their documents and vice versa. If something happens you will be able to get a new passport easily. Pack a flashlight or headlamp.…

Do the Thing That Scares You

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Baldy Peak on Mount Livermore in the Davis Mountains, West Texas. Courtesy Photo / Jenise Zuidema What do you get when you take 35 strangers with varying levels of outdoors experience, lead them into the wilds of West Texas, and ask them to primitive camp on a trail that isn’t usually open to the public? Pure mountain magic. What should have been a logistical nightmare, ended up being one of the best experiences of my life. Climbing Mount Livermore in the Davis Mountains of West Texas. Courtesy Photo / Jenise Zuidema For the past few years, I’ve had a mantra running through my head: “do the thing that scares you.” Since I was young, I’ve been terrified of falling. It didn’t matter if it was slipping down a mountain or the skating rink at the mall. My feet would tingle just watching movies with characters standing on high objects. I couldn’t even watch the scene in “Forrest Gump”when Jenny is contemplating jumping from a building. I used to be afraid…

A Day in Uluwatu

TRAVELLING THE WORLD SOLO I awoke after a day exploring Balinese temples and the Ubud area bubbling to the brim with excitement! My best girl Tessa had landed in Bali and I was going to get to spend the day exploring Uluwatu with her. Her boyfriend Benno would also be joining us – but as he’s a pretty good egg, I wasn’t dreading being a third wheel like I normally would. After a morning swim in my little plunge pool, I took a leisurely 10 minute stroll from my villa at Daluman to where she was staying – Acacia Villas. It was located in a bit of a rabbit warren and thus could have proven difficult to find – but Google Maps had my back! Her villa was luxurious. As she was travelling in a group of six people, they were able to splash out and get something extra extravagant and split… View original post 936 more words

Kayaking Amongst Greenlandic Icebergs

TRAVELLING THE WORLD SOLO During my research on Ilulissat prior to starting my trip, I came across pictures of people kayaking amongst icebergs and knew instantly that I wanted desperately to do the same. Booking a kayaking trip turned out to be difficult as I was to arrive in Ilulissat after the season for kayaking trips had ended. However, with some persistence I found a company that was running two last trips while I was in Ilulissat, and I wasted no time in snapping up an available slot! After emailing about six companies, World of Greenland finally got back to me and said that there was one last kayak trip I could join. World of Greenland (or WoG) doesn’t run the trips themselves, but instead sells them for another company, PGI Greenland. Trips cost around $285 AUD which seems exxy, but this kayak was one of the coolest things I have ever done… View original post 752 more words

My Backpacking Australia Checklist

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With my trip to Australia being next week (!) I thought it was time to sort out my own backpacking checklist, so I can share it with all of you. As this is my first time backpacking (sort of) I’m as new to this as you may be, and want to share the tips I’ve learnt so far in my travelling journey with you guys. If you are an avid backpacker and travel more than me, please let me know if you have any tips or anything you could add to my checklist. This checklist isn’t going to be a full list of what i’m taking, as you can probably sort out what clothes you’re taking yourself, but it lists the essentials and/or things that I think will be helpful that other people may or may not have thought about. Packing cubes. I am a big fan of “Backpacking Bananas”. She started off like us, with a WordPress blog, and moved onto YouTube to put everyone’s minds to rest about what…

Don’t be the Tourist Type or Story That This is About.

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Over the last two years I’ve largely been a tourist rather than a native of my own country. And in that time I’ve been lucky enough to meet others far away from home and even those who call the places I visit home. But I’ve also developed a list of stories I’ve seen or overheard from other tourists, or even types of tourists that simply drive me mad. Here are some of those types and a story from the list… The Types __________________ The ‘Typical American’ I myself am American through and through, and a majority of people I know are American. This has nothing to do with them or myself though. Yet when one is on the road and away from Americans for any stretch of time they develop an eye and an ear for what make some of their fellow countryman noticeable. There’s been many times when I’ve been walking the streets of Paris people watching and admiring the fashion of the city that’s so famous for it. When…