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The Paradox Of Expectations

Originally posted on A Couple Talks:
Oh WordPress, how I’ve missed you. Actually, no, I haven’t. I’ll come clean; I almost forgot the password to this?account. Guess you’re our illegitimate stepchild after all. We go into blogging with the mindset that we’ll keep it up and post regularly. I mean, c’mon, surely we have at least fifteen minutes a day that we can spare to blog, right? Right? No, we do not. We’re too busy watching the same Vine loop a thousand times on our phone or stalking our ex-lover, ex-friend, ex-coworker, ex-whatever on Facebook. If you’re new to blogging, just know this: one day you’ll hate blogging. I listened to a podcast episode of NPR’s Hidden Brain the other day. This episode featured Aziz Ansari, and they discussed a concept known as the paradox of choice. We love having options, but is there such a thing as having too many options? I do get frustrated when I can’t decide on an entree at a restaurant that has a million dishes to choose from, as…