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not another box of chocolates

Originally posted on for the love of nike:
I think we all hate those mushy-gushy-corny-worny-heap-o-cheap Valentine’s gifts you’d imagine have been sitting in a Walgreens warehouse since they weren’t sold last February. Instead of giving in to a made up holiday and buying some piece of junk that’ll just get thrown out in a few months, I like to get creative and find another way to tell my loved ones that they rock. See what I mean? If you’re diggin’ it, take a closer look and click below. It’s time to get personal and give personal, whether your person is into Emily Dickinson, a sneakerhead, nature lover, or a Where The Wild Things Are fan. ?

DIY pencil cup holder (collab blog post )

Originally posted on thetaslifestyle:
Hello readers, welcome to my first collab blog post on DIY  pencil holder. i am doing my collab with paleandinterestingblog, check out her blog post on DIY tea candle. So lets get started Equipment . Glue . A book you don’t read anymore or fashion magazines and newspapers.  .Paint (not water colours) .Thread ( any colour) .scissors . Paint brush ( big and small) . A hard plastic cup    . Firstly, you need to get a hard plastic cup . next, you can use newspapers ,fashion magazines and a book you don’t read anymore. . Rip the paper your going to use in strips or in any shapes and stick it outside of your plastic cup. . Continue to rip and stick the paper on the plastic cup until your done sticking the paper on the cup . . Make sure you over lap the paper to make a little collage. It should look like this .After, get a string or thread and measure the size what ever you want. .Next, make…