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Barcelona Beauty.

Originally posted on Heart of a Traveller:
Taken at: Casa Milà, Barcelona, Spain, 2015. I’ve been looking back at photo’s from my recent summer vacation (in an attempt to escape the current cold winter reality) and stumbled across this one taken in Barcelona. This photo is taken from the courtyard of Gaudí’s Casa Milà, an architectural masterpiece. You would probably recognize the building from it’s extravagant outside and rooftop, but I was really draw to the structure of the building. I loved playing with perspective and angles in this photograph, and I’m pretty happy in how it turned out. Hoije ❤

A walk through Omote-Sando

Today I went on a little walking tour of Omote-sando, an area of Tokyo known for it’s high end stores and amazing architecture. Little did I know this little route I use to walk home from my agency is actually a ‘Best Walks’ in my Lonely Planet Pocket Tokyo guide. I got this guide last weekend and went through it this morning over coffee and realised how fortunate I have been, as I have gone to a few of these spots on shoots! So my last week wont be a mad rush of trying to fit every last sight in. This walk can be pretty busy on the weekends but not something that should deter you. I didn’t stick exactly to the lonely planet walk. I wondered off track into random side streets (which I didn’t highlight). This is something I do often, in every city I visit, and 100% recommend it if you have time. The red line is the basic route I kept coming back onto. All the stores along this street are…