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Don’t Keep the Past Alive

Originally posted on Bent Beginnings:
(Disclaimer: I apologize now for the amount of curse words in this post, but I had to get my point across…) As I began this journey, I knew the healthiest way to be successful was to be honest with myself. And from that honesty, comes pain. Pain derived from many years of shit. We all have our shit, but how we deal with that is what makes us the people we are today. Millennials are becoming a generation of shit. Shit jobs, shit careers, shit living situations (well those of us in San Francisco at least), shit educations. Just shit. So what makes me any more special than the next? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. But I am special to myself, and that is taking a lot of work to even be able to say that. My childhood was shit. Plain and simple. Yes, there were good days, a lot of good days. But what sticks with you as you grow up is the shit. So here it is, the darkest of…

Missing Happy Hour -a step in the right direction

Originally posted on Bent Beginnings:
Happy Hour – the American past time where coworkers and friends meet to enjoy each others company, spend money, and get drunk. Well at least drink. Here’s the thing, I’m not on this journey to discourage anyone from drinking, or to say drinking is bad. But drinking is bad for me. I say that because I don’t like the person I become when I drink. This is hard to admit, but I am not a nice person when I drink. Now it doesn’t happen every time, but it happens enough.First step’s are admitting, so here I am, admitting my faults. So this is where Bent Beginnings begins. Now, Happy Hour… why does it matter if I missed it? Who cares… Well, I do, and the monthly scheduled Happy Hour’s are a great way for me to connect with members of the club I joined. But my question is why can’t we do other activities in order to connect? Again, it comes down to culture, right? Our American culture deems it “normal” to…

Dazed and Confused at 22

Originally posted on Rosie Culture:
Your 20’s are so damn confusing that it’s even hard to explain why it’s so confusing. Things started getting pretty complicated in the teen years. You are experiencing new things, new feelings, and growing up. You feel too young, but sometimes you feel too old. How you are at age 13 majorly differs from how you are at age 19. But nothing is really expected from you. Yeah, you need to figure out what you’re doing after high school and you have to maybe get a part time job and maybe go to college. But when you turn 20, you’re already well into college and figuring everything out. Your path finally seems clear and you’ve settled into something. Then you turn 21 and all of a sudden you can go to all of these bars and buy your own alcohol. But you’re also inching closer to graduation. Things start to get a little blurry. Then you turn 22 and you need to decide EVERYTHING. Are you getting your masters? Are…

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Him & Her

Originally posted on 2 Classy Sisters:
Valentine’s Day is coming fast, which means time is running out to get your loved one the perfect gift! I definitely understand the struggle of trying to figure out what gift to give so I decided to give you some suggestions with a gift guide! These are some helpful gift ideas for both him & her. For Him Yeti Tumbler Boxers Personalized Whiskey Decanter Watch Personlized Wallet For Her Purse Wallet Jewelry Candle Gift card for Massage Hopefully this gift guide was helpful and gave you some ideas!  Let me know what you’re getting your special someone for Valentine’s Day in the comments below! -Rachel

How to Control My Spending: Update

Originally posted on How To Get Things Done in 10 Ways:
A few weeks ago I posted about how I was going to get my spending under control. I had come up with a bunch of ideas that I thought would really help me. And the results are in…. They did help! I saved $600 during the month of August, compared to my average monthly spending! It was soooo exciting! But of course, I celebrated this with a trip to Starbucks, and Target. Yes, I broke down and went to the dreaded Target. Since I hadn’t been there in so long, there was a whole new season of everything out on the floor! Clothes, bags, shoes, decor, help, help, help. I went a little overboard with the celebrating, but I will definitely not be needing to go back to Target anytime soon. Like maybe for another two months. It felt really good to get that credit card bill and not have a heart attack by the amount I had put on it! Here is what I need…