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S.T.A.R.T. Before You’re Ready.

Originally posted on CHASITY S. COOPER:
November was quite the whirlwind for me both professionally and personally, but I wanted to drop a note of reflection as we into the last month of the year.  Have you ever wanted to start something new (let’s in this case, say a blog) but continued to come up with excuses as to why you aren’t able to launch it? “I just don’t have enough time to write a blog post every day.” “What am I going to write about? And who will want to read it?” “I want my post to be perfect before I hit publish – I must keep editing!”   The truth is, while we were busy asking ourselves 21 questions, making statements and assuming, we could’ve published at least one or two posts, created a content calendar for the next two months and put throwback content in rotation on social media. Last month specifically, I spent most of my time getting back into the groove of working full-time and managing my various passion projects. And…

We’re Going to University!!

Originally posted on Every Word You Say:
We did it!! (Well, Kyle did it). As many of you know from my previous posts, my boyfriend Kyle has been struggling to get into University because his Dyslexia and Autism have stopped him getting a C in his English exam. Despite this, he managed to get 3 A grades in his Forensic Science course, and he got a B in Maths, and this has meant that finally he’s been excepted into University!! I’m beyond proud of him 🙂 Sorry this is such a short post, but I just had to share this with you all! He’s been through so much and finally people are realising how awesome he truly is 🙂 Thanks for reading!

How to Measure Progress and Produce Results

Originally posted on F R E E D O M:
“But I spent so much time on it!” Is something I hear often. But wait, what does that mean? Does it mean you spent: ‘x number of hours on a project while surfing the web and checking your email every five minutes’ or do you mean, ‘I crammed it for x amount of hours the night before’ or do you mean, ‘I went to work for eight hours and snoozed through most of it,’ or is it,’I sat down with myself everyday, for an hour and tried my hardest to work on this project.’ Time is the real universal currency (if you think about it). How you decide to spend your time is then reflected in every area of your life (think about it). We are all given the same 24 hours and surely, there’s effective and ineffective ways of allocating your time for a purpose – or even multi-purposes. Time is a factor in productivity – however, the relationship isn’t linear by any means.…

Officially enrolling! EXCITED!

Originally posted on Just my humble life:
Today I could finally officially enrol at the University of York! YES, I was so excited when I got the mail. I basically get incredibly excited every time I hear something from uni. But this is so awesome; I’ve now got my student email account and something even better: I get to see my timetable! I can now see all the lectures I’ll have for the entire year! I can’t yet see workshops and tutorials, but they will come later. It feels so real right now. Like, I am a student and I know when to go to my first lecture… SO REAL! I also got some welcome booklets from the university in the post, so I’m very happy! I just can’t wait for it all to finally begin! 🙂 Have a nice day!

No Real Good Reason

Originally posted on HappyHealthyHouseholds:
No excuses. Isn’t that what they say anyway. Well I am sure I can think of at least a good handful of really good excuses.  But that is the thing about it isn’t it, they are EXCUSES, an explanation that is meant try to defend or justify a fault. A REASON on the other hand, to me, is real and true and not on the same level as an excuse. In my opinion there is a difference between a reason and an excuse. The real reason I go weeks without working out is because I choose not to, that is when I look for excuses to explain myself to myself. So what I am saying is that there are actually many many excuses, there is just no real GOOD reasons! My biggest excuse has been that I just couldn’t find the time that day. The real reason is that I didn’t take advantage of the time I did have! Sooo, I started doing squats and calf raises between “chores” (note: When I…

Brian Chesky | Airbnb

Originally posted on Nikhil Sethi:
In the past couple of weeks, I’ve started to read more and more about Airbnb founder Brian Chesky. Airbnb is a company that allows people to offer their homes as a place to stay through an app. It’s like the bed and breakfast establishments that pre-date the huge hotel chains of today. An art student who came up with the idea when he was broke and unemployed in San Francisco, Chesky has grown his company from a silly idea with a friend to one of the largest startups on the planet. Airbnb recently received a valuation of $24 billion, which is larger than the market value of apparent competitor Marriott. It seems insane to me how a person who wasn’t even really a technology guy before built a company to this size so quickly. All of this seemed like an impossibility before I read this long piece on him. Besides being a really well-written work of journalism, it sheds light on how Chesky was able to do so much. The…

Colatris App

Many professionals are constantly starting and attempting to expand their businesses into larger markets. There is a very big barrier that can prevent this. No, not just money. Language. The ability to translate the marketing for your product can make or break your ability to expand. Enter Colatris. This app was designed by founders Josh Deffibaugh, Albert Eloyan, and A.J. Cihla. On the product website Colatris is described as: A fully automated, in-context translation solution for software. The tool enables global market reach while saving you hours every month. The app is still growing, but it comes highly recommended. Find out more about the app on their website. Like our blog? Check us out on Etsy, Facebook, Tumblr, or Pinterest!

TED Talk Tuesday: Magical Houses Made of Bamboo

Many of you may know that bamboo is a sustainable resource, but did you ever think it would be a great idea to use it to build your home? That is exactly what Elora Hardy and her team do. Watch below to find out more. Hosting a TEDx event? Download this TED theme. Interested in joining the G.U.M Team? Email  If you liked this post, you might also like: How the FBI is creating terrorists A Warriors Cry Against Child Marriage Why You Will Fail To Have A Great Career