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Accepting the Love You Think You Deserve

Originally posted on Rosie Culture:
Once upon a time I got dumped and just did not know how to deal. I felt like I had failed the relationship, my boyfriend, myself. I thought I didn’t really deserve to fall in love again – like I had missed my chance. And time and time again I was thrown into dating scenarios where everything I thought after that break up was confirmed. I was treated poorly. I treated people poorly. I had no sense of “I deserve better than this” or “I can be better.” I didn’t think those things, I accepted the insults and the cheating and the lies. I reciprocated them happily. I accepted the horrible treatment because I felt like a horrible person. Even when I came around to realizing that I’m not a horrible person, the dating scenarios never changed. I became happier and better only to still not have the wholesome relationship that I had been missing ever since the initial break up. But just because people treat you poorly, it doesn’t mean you…

Flaws make you beautiful.

Originally posted on Sun, Sand, Stars and Dreams:
Why is it that the one thing nearly every human being craves for, whether consciously or otherwise, is acceptance? Acceptance from peers, society, family, so on and so forth. Why are we so afraid to stand apart, for fear of being criticised? Why are we, other than a select few, afraid to stand up for what we believe is right, or for who we really are? Maybe it is just the way we are conditioned. To be no more than a clueless individual ourselves, and yet make fun of those who have it figured out, although maybe not in the conventional way, and make them doubt themselves. I remember being a person that I wasn’t, only so that I will be accepted by my classmates, my relatives. I did not recognise myself at all. That’s when I thought, fuck it all. I don’t care what others think of me. This is how I am going to be. After I did that, I managed to get a lot…

Decisions, Decisions….

Originally posted on A Monologue of the Heart.:
Every action that we take Creates a reaction for the make Taking us on a path Of scenic routes or hell’s wrath. “Do I stay or do I go?” “Be like water, trust the flow?” “Will I like the path I choose?” “Will I win or will I lose?” Questions lurk in opportunity Fear is cloaked in security Outcomes may be best in thought Missing answers in blind spots. While the mind is loud in worry The heart is speaking in a hurry To try to quiet the void noise And help us make the right choice.  “You have made intentions clear Let go of all doubts and fears Just let go, I’ll lead the way Trust in all of the words you pray.”

What it Means to Be a Woman

Originally posted on corybanticcory:
I used to think I had a pretty good grip on how people work. I used to think I understood what it meant to be a woman. If there’s one thing transitioning has taught me, it’s that I have a lot to learn. This week has been eye opening. I thought I was going to be so excited about my shopping trip or the fact that people are finally starting to think I’m “passable”. I’ve realized that none of that matters. In some of my previous blogs, I was really obsessed with being accepted, “passing”, and I dwelled on some of the more negative aspects of my transition. I’ve learned a few really big things lately. Firstly… It shouldn’t be about “passing”. It isn’t a test. It doesn’t matter whether or not other people think I’m “real”. The fact of the matter is that I am a “real” woman as I am now. Everything that changes from here on out is a part of me. Secondly… There is no end to…

3 Ideas to Accept Change in Life and in Yourself

 Originally posted on Kali Hawlk: If you want to make more of your life, you need to get into the habit of creating your own path. Question the narratives you’re offered, don’t accept society’s expectations without first examining if they make sense for you, and spend time getting to understand who you are. Locate that inner voice of reason; that feeling that nags you when something isn’t right and makes you feel like you could float instead of walk when things arethe way they should be. It’s a good first step in understanding what’s right for you. Once you know where to find that inner source that helps you know whether or not you’re on your path, the next step is to accept the fact that the path will change. What you know to be true about yourself and your life now won’t stay the same. Change is the only constant, and the sooner we learn to embrace that and know it’s okay to experience and go through change, the sooner we’ll be able to get out of …