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Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam Bound (2016) 

Originally posted on Nathan's Insights:
So it’s time to start thinking more about my next trip as its now less than 12 months out. ?I’m going to combine a bucket list item (no. 28 see Test Cricket in six countries) with a trip to Sri Lanka and then a tour covering more of South East Asia. I still don’t know the exact dates for the Australian Test tour other then it’s July to August. ?For this reason I’m going with a more personalised tour company, On the Go Tours, which will commence the day I select. ?I’m looking at their 9 day Go Sri Lanka tour which includes a visit to Dambulla Rock Temple, Udawalawe National Park, and an Elephant Orphanage. Then I’ll move onto a G Adventures tour the Indochina Explorer which commences in Thailand (Bangkok), goes onto Laos (Luang Prabang), than Vietnam (Hanoi) followed by Cambodia (Phnom Penh) with lots of other cities visited in between on this 18 day trip. ?I’m probably most looking forward to visiting The Angkor Wat temple…

The Grass Isn’t Always Greener On The Other Side!!!

Originally posted on Splash Waves Voyage:
There’s nothing wrong with leaving your problems behind and going on vacation, there’s nothing wrong with moving to another country, but don’t always feel that the grass is greener on the other side based on a visit. Visiting a country is totally different then actually living in a country, and most of the time, people have a 6th sense when it comes to knowing if you are a visitor or not. They see it in your body language, it makes them feel happy that you are amazed to be in a place that they are use to and that they see everyday. They treat you extra special, for the most part, and that experience is embedded into your brain and you think you just have to move to that country not taking into consideration of how you are going to feel when you actually have to make a living over there. Nothing wrong with relocating and experiencing a new life and a feel for new energy, but make sure you…

Why am I Dying? (냉방병)

Originally posted on John Lee Taggart:
I’ve been suffering a little bit recently…and by suffering I mean clinging on for dear life – in fact I even thought about writing out my will, but then realised I don’t own anything of worth so just went back to crying alone instead.  Oh, but for the record my brothers can share my socks out on a first come first served basis. Now I know this sounds a little over the top, and just a smidgen dramatic but I promise you it is (mostly) the truth, and only the truth. You see the thing is these past few days I have felt like the devil himself has clawed himself into my face, rummaged around in my skull, and then worked his way down my entire body before exiting painfully out of my rear end in a fiery burst. He has plagued me with a constantly shivering exterior that would make The Cowardly Lion look broad-shouldered in comparison; he has made sleep a struggling impossibility, and has made food…

Stop Thief!

Originally posted on John Lee Taggart:
I danced a lot on Saturday night…like A LOT, A LOT! It had been quite some time since I had “went out” in Korea, so I guess that I had just stored all of this boogie energy up, and was releasing it all over the sticky dancefloors of Seoul! One army-looking guy commented that he “likes the way I move” several times, which sounds creepy in retrospect – but I think it was just an appreciation of all the boogie work I was putting in, and also perhaps he felt sorry for me because my friends were at the bar, and didn’t join me until they had reached an optimum alcohol induced state. But I didn’t really care, I was in the zone… I really wasn’t aware that I’m a Chris Brown fan (honest!) – but apparently my body is.  Anyway, the fact that I was so focused on busting moves meant that my mind wasn’t on other things – which is a positive thing, I was just having a good time, and…

I Live in Cotton in Shanghai

Originally posted on Reverse Retrograde:
It’s Hot. With a capital H. When I got up at 7:30AM today, the sun was already a blistering height in the sky. I’m struggling to get the weather to come up on the Internet, but it seems that the heat simply never goes away. You know how sometimes in summer, it’ll cool off at night? No. Not in Shanghai. Our very apartment building seems to inhale the heat of the day, and exhale it through the tiled floors at night. I live in cotton. It wicks, somewhat. It’s light. It absorbs my dripping sweat. I have black cotton, which is strategic. It doesn’t show the sweat. I haven’t made a style post in a long time, but today felt as good a time as any. If you’re wondering why I’m wearing bright blue tights….a word…chafe. I’m wearing: Black Cotton Maxi Dress: Target Cotton Scarf: From a store dedicated to cotton in Xujiahui Blue tights: Target DIY pompadour hair: By yours truly Payal: Stay cool, everyone!