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The Curse of the “Skinny Fat”

Classic Sooch

I have a confession: I hate my body.

How many of us have this same issue? Midnight pizza/donut/cheesecake cravings, and the inability to shut out the food monsters in our bellies? (I know Paul is one of us for sure.)

Here’s something y’all don’t know about me. I used to be overweight in high school. I was a whopping seventy kilos of just adipose and no muscle and it was um, pathetic. Then I went to college and dropped thirty kilos in less than a year, without diet or exercise – thanks to our mess(y) food which was 90% water – and also gave myself anemia in the process. When I was in my third semester of college, I was mighty proud of my newly acquired slender frame which also oh my goodness, came with a waist! You won’t understand the glory of having a waist after years of being…

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