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Vibes of Osaka


Before going to Osaka, you will hear many thing about this city: the best night life in Japan, friendly and relaxed people, amazing street food and the vibrant atmosphere. This is is all true!

Situated right in the center of the main Japan’s island, Osaka is a must stop for those who want to see and explore the urban side of Japan, yet explore the beautiful Kansai region with day trips. Nara, Himeji castle, Kobe with its famous and expensive beef, even Hiroshima are an easy JR train ride away from Osaka.
Here is my photo journey though the different sides of Osaka.

Urban Osaka:

Osaka_66 Watching the sunset from the top of the Umeda Sky Building is a must for the urban jungle lovers


Dotonbori – the most famous street food neighborhood in the world



….and the food

Osaka_8 The concept of conveyor belt sushi restaurant was invented in Osaka


Osaka_52 Okonomiyaki…

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