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A College Student’s Dilemma: Plans After College

It’s been 3 weeks since the school semester started once again. Being a college student isn’t all that fun especially when you’re taking 6 classes(!!!) this semester and I must admit, I had my fair share of great experiences in college, but it hit me that this is my second to last semester before I’m truly done with my Bachelor’s degree. Juggling 6 classes and having to work a lot and also wanting to have a social life (with many more adventures to do) is SO HECTIC. Let alone, I’ve never even taken 5 or 6 classes before this semester and I have so much blogging I would love to do but I am trying hard to find all the time to do it. I tell myself that I will tire myself hustling and try to catch my breath and let this be just 4 months of a little bit…

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