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Havana Nights

Sitting Pretty In The Queen City


img_915154354 always making new friends šŸ˜›


Happy New Year to all!! I went to Havana, Cuba with friends to ring in the New Year and Iā€™m so happy I went! We had a really great group (very different from the solo travel Iā€™ve done this year) but itā€™s always fun when you have a good crowd around you thatā€™s enthusiastic about the same things as you.

Havana was very invitingā€¦ we actually hired a driver for our stay which I definitely recommend doing. Ricardo made everything so simple and we kind of bonded with him. One night we realized one of our friends wasnā€™t actually in the car when we got to our next destination and our driver was so scared but we found her. haha. After that we joked with him about ā€œcounting all the chickensā€ when we got in the taxi.

He was even nice enough to invite usā€¦

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