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Meeting My Dollppelganger: American Girl Mini Maryellen

mailbox mermaid


“You’re returning from your blogging-hiatus-due-to-scholarly-pursuits by posting about a doll?” Well, you know, dear friends, that I am a girl of many facets.

I haven’t thought about American Girl dolls in approximately twelve years. In my youth, I was obsessed with the AG catalogue, but those historical (and historically expensive) beauties were always beyond the reach of my family’s limited doll-buying budget. Instead, I spent my formative doll-play years enacting all sorts of magical escapades with Stardust Classic Dolls, a fantasy-inspired 18″ doll alternative (now defunct) that fit our wallets and my imagination a little better.

It just so happened, though, that I stopped for dinner at a mall outside of Boston last week while returning home from the New England Aquarium…and what to my wondering eyes should appear but an American Girl store! Of course I, the girl who had never seen a real American Girl doll in the flesh (vinyl?)…

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