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Along The Way… Surprise! Another Castle!


No matter how much time we allow in a given place we always seem to run out and it was no different when we visited the Scottish Highlands, for the second time! I hope we will find our way back someday as we barely scratched the surface.  However, places to go and things to see…

#scottishthistle Scotland’s Flower The Thistle

Blair Castle – Blair Atholl

126 KM from Inverness and exactly halfway to Edinburgh

Driving along in what seemed like the middle of nowhere Scotland we came across what looked like a shopping mall. It was called the House of Bruar and it turned out to be just that! This seemed like a great place to get out, stretch our legs, and have a meal. Upon further inspection we discovered a really nice self-service restaurant, food markets, flower stalls, house wares, clothing and more!

#blaircastleAs we were leaving we noticed a sign for Blair Castle

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