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Your Life Matters

Doing Wells


A Time to Mourn.

I don’t often cry on my way to work. Normally it’s just a dull drive in, weaving between the slow drivers while trying not to get rear-ended by the fast ones. But this past week, I found myself sitting in traffic with a tear on my cheek.

I was listening to a panel discussion at the Village Church. Pastor Matt Chandler was interviewing four African-American believers about how they reacted to the shootings in Minnesota, Baton Rouge, and frankly every state in America at this point. As they shared how they felt,  I found myself weeping with their pain.

I guess I was fulfilling Romans 12:15:

Weep with those who weep.

In our world, this means we must weep with African-Americans AND with law enforcement officers.

In our world, this means we must be weeping a lot. Almost unceasingly.

Yet, it’s so easy to get callous toward these events. They’re…

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