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Different Types of Annoying Male Co-workers

We’ve been working for at least five years now. There are so many personalities we’ve encountered. Although we live across the country from one another, it seems like we have a lot of similar co-worker experiences. So we’ve compiled a list with a few warnings attached.

The general list was posted a few weeks back. We decided to add a few more to the list, and to add some helpful descriptions.

The one that thinks you’re supposed to be friends



There’s always one who is constantly trying to hang out outside of work. They want to know what you’re doing this weekend, and they’re the reason you’ve polished your excuse game. Even when you’re no longer working together, there’s a chance they may still hit you up.


The borderline harasser


This guy ranges from the young to the “40+ creeps crew.” Either they’ll push your button about controversial issues or they’ll basically sexually harass you. Leaving you with the decision to speak to a superior, learn to avoid them, or file a harassment suit.


Mr. “Blurred Lines”




Similar to the borderline harasser, this one specializes in “romance.” He drops hints here and there. He may even cross the line, but will claim that the lines were blurred. In many cases, he’s the inappropriate superior. Be careful what you say to this one, because he saves every single text to make sure he comes out okay in the end.


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The one that feeds off of gossip and drama



Though pretty self explanatory, don’t be sucked in by this one. We tend to assume men don’t gossip so sometimes we’re duped by the many that do. Be cautious when discussing your personal business. You are not the exception.

The one that tells all of their business



Five seconds after you met him you knew his relationship status, all about his upbringing, and what emotional turmoil he is currently experiencing. Whenever his name comes up, it seems like everyone you work with knows all of his personal business. Many of your co-workers tolerate him or flee at the sight of him. Be mindful when speaking to this one too. If he’ll tell his business, surely he will tell yours.

The one who clearly hates their job



They may or may not speak. It’s not solely you. You may be part of the reason, but overall they don’t want to do their job. Speak to them when you have to. Otherwise, let them be.

Mr. Not here to make friends



He’s not there to make friends. He’s there to do his job. He’s stand-offish. He doesn’t hate his job. There’s a very good chance that he loves it! There are numerous reasons why he may choose to remain in isolation. Perhaps he’s had bad experiences with co-workers or maybe he’s got a lot on his plate. Either way, he probably won’t say much at work and he’s definitely not going to hang out with you outside of work. Be happy if you get a cordial hello and goodbye in the morning.


The boys klub (or the solo office clown)



This group can’t be missed. You know exactly who they are. If you don’t have a group, then you probably have an office clown. Be happy there’s only one. Sometimes they can be funny, but sometimes they can do the absolute most. At times they don’t know when to stop. Overall, they’ll probably bring smiles to the office. At least one of them will probably try to sleep with you.

The “non-racist”



This one comes in two forms. Either he tries too hard to be “down,” or he likes to go against all thing mainstream (including civil rights). He probably talks about how society is equal and his [insert minority race] best friends. Sadly he’s usually white. His comments are borderline racist. Even if he’s a bit of an ass, he probably doesn’t harbor any ill feelings. He just forgot to plug up his white privilege before he went to work.


The man child

He thinks he’s an eligible bachelor in his 20s, and he behaves like one. In actuality he’s 30+ and he wants to drink, party, and have all the sex. Though that’s perfectly fine, but he also isn’t close to having his shit together. His priorities are all fucked up and his goal is to add as many people to his team as possible. You’ll know, because he’ll be the one telling you how you should live your life.


The one that wants to be liked by everyone



This one will go out of their way to make sure everyone in the office things highly of them, especially superiors. They may smile in your face and take credit for your work behind your back. Their desire to be liked by everyone is the leading reason they may resort to fake-ness.

Warning: Many of these may overlap in a co-worker. 

Have you had an encounter with any of the types listed above? Did we leave off a co-worker? Are you one of these co-workers? We’d love to hear about your experiences.

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