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Trying to Adult When Your Body Hates You


via hercampus.com

Inability to drink all night.
Can’t pull all nighters.
No longer can handle a hangover.
Body unable handle garbage food anymore.

These are the common reasons that many post grads realize they are aging. One very big one that gets left out: Your body’s reaction to stress.

It goes hand in hand with life, let alone attempting to be an adult. What is my body going through due to stress? Right now…I. Can’t. Stop. Scratching.

I know this sounds like a jump. Let’s back it up…


I work in television. Between each season those of us who work in the office have a one to two month hiatus. I’ve heard numerous times that people tend to get sick during vacation or when things slow down from a busy environment. The latter is the definition of what it’s like towards the beginning of hiatus.

Right before my seasonal unemployment began, the lovely Pityriasis Rosea decided to creep up on me. The cause is unknown. Many speculate it could be caused by a virus, allergies, and/or stress. Given my medical history with stress, I feel safe saying that was probably the main reason. This isn’t my first health issue due to stress, but it’s probably the most severe.

Between doctors appointments and medications, having this shit has not been cheap.

I have a full (overtime) job, side projects, and a side hustle. I’m trying to meal plan/prep, create a workout plan (and do it), and develop a solid hair routine. Additionally, I’m trying to work on my mind/spirit AND still have down time to relax. There’s eight hours of sleep in there somewhere…and my body decides to punish me because I’m a wee-bit stressed.

Ain’t that a bitch?

I just need to know when my body will start rewarding me for all of the blood, sweat, and time I’ve put into everything (especially my health).

When will it pay off? I’m not looking for instant gratification. I just want my body to reward me in the next year.

My waist from four years ago.

Stronger legs.

Healthier hair.

I’ll settle for less fatigue.

Is that too much to ask?

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