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The Introvert’s Guide to Small Talk

28 and Counting...

In case you didn’t pick up on it, I am incredibly introverted. The thought of making small talk with strangers or folks that I don’t know very well fills me with dread. Small talk is an art and I’ve never been particularly interested in art. However, given the nature of my work (read: office culture), I am unfortunately in the situation of having to come up with things to say to random people all.the.time. Since I am working at a new job, the expectation that I will be friendly and bubbly to everyone all day is elevated.

I am able to play the role, but as my fellow introverts can appreciate, it is completely exhausting. I have a quota of energy that I have to dedicate to people each day and depleting that precious resource on meaningless, superficial chats about the weather seems very counterproductive. To clarify, I…

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