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The Struggles Of Being Over-Eager

Rosie Culture

The trouble with people who are over-eager is that we are often over-everything. We are over-thinkers, we are over-dramatic, we over-romanticize, we are overwhelmed.

So getting too excited about things just comes with the territory. Because one small possibility opens up so many doors for us. We non stop think about how this could work out in the future or how it could go wrong. The thoughts basically consume us.

Over-eagerness in relationships is especially troublesome. In general, I think a lot of people are eager to fall in love. But while those peopleare very understanding to why things don’t work out or are calm, cool, and collected on dates – we are freaking out.

And it’s not because we fell head over heels in love on the first date – but because we can see all the possibilities. Because we are constantly thinking about the future and…

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