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How We Eat [Healthy] For $75 A Week

Fit Gypsy Life

Happy Monday, people! Are you heading to work for the week? Starting out with a meal prep Monday so you can crush your nutrition goals? This post is a teensy bit long but it’s something I get asked about a LOT so I promise it is packed full of helpful info 🙂

I have written before about Our Dave Ramsey Adventure and how it changed our lives. If it weren’t for budgeting and planning, we would not have had the beautiful wedding we did, and we would probably have struggled a lot more in our marriage.

We started our budget using this worksheet. And quickly learned that according to the suggested percentages we were WAY overspending on food. Based on our goals and initial income, we decided $300 was a good monthly rate for groceries. I shop weekly, so we budgeted that as $75/ week. Just for reference, I…

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  1. fitgypsywife says

    Thank you so much for reposting this! Appreciate the love 🙂


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