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It’s A Millennial Madness Out There


millennial-computers Students internet computer addiction sitting bench. Credits: Patrick’s Love Life.

I’m pretty sure everyone is familiar with the scene above. Rife in the corporate world with millennials hoping to secure a job that would actually allow them to sit outside somewhere besides the office and get work done.

But I’m sure you are also aware that it is not possible.

This post is based on personal opinions, so bear with me as I rant my way from start to finish. Thanks!

Yet, we’ve all been there, done that. We’ve all attended a string of interviews, answered interrogative questions, and cracked our brains for past scenarios which we encountered and what we did to solve them. Some interviews were casual, others were formal. Some employers were gentle, others were strictly disciplined. But the end results were the same: Do they want to hire us?

Of course, not every employer held…

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