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Don’t Keep the Past Alive

Bent Beginnings

e822b14f0865dc062b6f321667d2d591(Disclaimer: I apologize now for the amount of curse words in this post, but I had to get my point across…)

As I began this journey, I knew the healthiest way to be successful was to be honest with myself. And from that honesty, comes pain. Pain derived from many years of shit.

We all have our shit, but how we deal with that is what makes us the people we are today.

Millennials are becoming a generation of shit. Shit jobs, shit careers, shit living situations (well those of us in San Francisco at least), shit educations. Just shit. So what makes me any more special than the next? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. But I am special to myself, and that is taking a lot of work to even be able to say that.

My childhood was shit. Plain and simple. Yes, there were good days, a lot of good…

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