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Suffering Builds Perserverence and Character

Experiences, Thoughts, and Inspiration

In the past month, life has had many ups and downs! With the end of the semester as a first year masters student in student affairs quickly approaching there are a lot of assignments and projects to complete. Not to mention a building to run and administrative tasks for my assistantship, and then there is the balance of trying to be a friend, daughter, granddaughter, cousin, niece, and godmother.

Then as if things weren’t crazy enough I had decisions to make about summer as well as my future in student affairs. There were many nights where at the end of the day I felt defeated like I wasn’t going to overcome the slump of the stress and that nothing I did or tried was going to be right! It was in these times that I reached out for help, prayer and assistance from those that I could trust. It was…

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