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Graduating Is The Pits

Taylor Is Not a Carrie

I’m on the campus planning committee, and at an event I was hosting, I traded T-shirts with a girl who requested a different size. Literally gave her the shirt off my back. I don’t think she saw me, but when I turned around, she was sniffing the pits. Gr8.

I can finally share this news because it went live: I GOT A SCHOLARSHIP AND AM FEATURED ON THE FABULOUSLY HELPFUL AND WEALTH OF KNOWLEDGE ED2010!!!!

I’m not even going to humor the Internet with fake humility here. “What? Who, me? I won?? Stop it, you!” I’m a broke betch in NYC. I was going to get that scholarship if I had to hack, drag, and drop it out of another poor (literally) intern’s inbox. And now here I am, blogging faster than live Twitter feed of a GOP debate because of the new Internet exposure, duh.


It’s been a hot second since I’ve…

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