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Nothing Lasts Forever…Not Even Your Favorite Take Out Place.

the boston gayllennial

A few nights ago I watched Unzipped, the Isaac Mizrahi documentary on Netflix, and it was really great. Because I sort of came of age in the aughts I wasn’t really aware of how truly up there he was in the fashion world back in the 90s. The documentary follows the making of his critically acclaimed fall 1994 collection (when I was two!), from sketch pad to runway. It’s wildly interesting, in part because fashion shows are a dime a dozen these days in New York and hardly ever as special as they used to be, but that’s not my point.

Towards the end of the film you see Mizrahi walking down 6th avenue in ecstasy, having made the fashion world go wild for the collection that was such a nightmare to put together. And then, out of nowhere I see him walk right past Charlie Mom.
Charlie Mom…

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