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Being Shameless

Trying to Adult

I am an aspiring painter. I am an aspiring entertainer. I am… not getting anywhere because I have no idea how to promote myself.

Raised to never talk about my abilities to others (because “people will notice it themselves without you boasting.”),  broadcasting what I can do feels so counterintuitive, I change the topic before anyone understands what I’m trying to say.

My timidity stems from the awareness that I am not the best. I fall within the range of pretty decent to good, but since I’m only good at best, I always worry that people will judge me for being proud of nothing that great.


But now, after having perused numerous Instagram, DeviantArt, and YouTube pages, I’ve concluded that the most popular aren’t necessarily the best at what they do. They’re just the people who post the most content and are, in some cases, the most shameless.

Frankly, I…

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