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Blogging 101: Blog Posts



After months of fishing through numerous blog pages to find millennial bloggers and posts to reblog, there are a few things we, the G.U.M team, have noticed. It’s time for us to share some tips based on our findings. We’ve decided to do our own series of Blogging University to share with all of you. To kick off we’re diving right in with blog posts. One of the, if not THE, most important part of blogging.

A good blog contains posts that meet three major elements:




You don’t have to post numerous posts everyday. You don’t even have to post everyday. You could post once a week. Whatever you do you should be consistent. Your readers should know how often you post and (if you post weekly) what days you post.

We recommend posting at least once a week until you gain an audience.

Well Written

Grammar, grammar, grammar. There are so many blog posts full of silly errors. Read your pieces out loud before you post them.

Don’t create run on posts. If you’re writing a long piece break it into paragraphs. It may sound ridiculous, but it makes the post feel shorter and your readers more likely to read the entire piece.

Properly title your posts. This may seem small, but it the title is the first thing your audience will see. This could be the difference between a click and a scroll. Here’s an example of titles we’ve recently seen:

Green eggs and ham

What that title should look like:

Green Eggs and Ham

If you need to refresh your memory, read more here.


This one is tricky. Interesting can be a relative term. Obviously you want to start with a title that will grab someone’s attention.

As for the post itself, adding gifs and pictures can help. Most of all, make sure the content you’re writing about is interesting. Reading your post out loud can also be helpful here. If you’re reading and getting bored by your own post, maybe you need to rework a few things. A few tricks that may help:

  • Throw in a funny quote or anecdote
  • Share something personal (even if it’s embarrassing)
    • Sometimes the things we’re most embarrassed about are also the most relatable.
  • Incorporate some of your humor (you don’t have to be super formal)
  • Make sure you’re staying on topic (try not to ramble)
  • Don’t write a book, unless you’re actually writing a book
    • You don’t have to say everything in one post. Pull out the key elements and save the rest for another post.

One more note, if you’re using your blog to post pictures that you’ve found on various sites, I highly suggest you move those posts over to Pinterest or Tumblr.



What’s your blogging experience? Have you seen any poor or wonderful blogging habits that are worth noting? Share below or email us at


  1. My blogging experience has been a rocky one, but I am learning a lot. Been doing this for 3 months and once I am done this course I am taking (unrelated to blogging), I will focus on a strategy to really make my blog compelling. For now I am enjoying the ride. I do area though, consistency is so important, I need to work on that.


    • I feel like blogging is always rocky, even for those that have been blogging for years. It’s such an emotional roller coaster. There are so many mistakes we’ve seen from a lot of beginners. Hopefully our series we’ll help them in their process.

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