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Taylor Is Not a Carrie

A whole year answering calls and talking to customers just for the hope that someday I’d be able to make memes and twitter jokes about food.-@TaliaJane

I’ve been thinking a lot about post-grad life in NYC. Let’s be real: I’m going to be poor for like 3 years out of school. In an effort to ruin my life make sure I’m ready to take on my personal finances as an independent and prepared adult, my parents have begun the transition from baby bird to something like indestructible aircraft by putting bills in my name and making sure I understand how this whole #adult thing works. (And I bet those empty nesters can’t wait till I’m off the bill 100%. For all I know, they’re probably rediscovering each other’s bodies and drinking red wine all day, every day, enjoying a kid-free household after going prematurely grey because of us. I guess they…

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