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Evan Spiegel & Bobby Murphy | Snapchat Co-founders


via vanityfair.com

Originally named “Picaboo,” Evan Spiegel and Bobby Murphy founded Snapchat 2011. At that time Facebook was launching Poke, a “lookalike product.” Zuckerberg met with Spiegel and Murphy to inform them of the app that was days away from launching. They accepted the challenge and prevailed with Snapchat.

In 2014 they turned down a $3 billion offer from Facebook. Since then the app has continued to increase in popularity. With Snapchat currently ranking as the third most popular social networking app, it’s safe to say that decision was for the better.


via theverge.com

You can find out more about these founders here and here. You can find out more about Snapchat on the Snapchat blog.

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