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Easy 2 Ingredient Oatmeal Banana Cookies

28 and Counting...

Trying to lose weight is not a lot of fun, especially if you have a big weight loss goal like I do. However, through trial and error over the years, I have learned that depriving myself of everything I love will not work for the long term and can lead to a binge of all things brownie. I think in the maintenance phase, the 80/20 rule works well (80 percent healthy food for fuel and 20 percent food for comfort) and in the losing weight phase, I raise that number to 90/10 or even 95/5 (sorry).

The best approach is finding healthy food that tastes like comfort food so that you can make smart choices even when you’re “cheating.” I personally have never met a cookie that I didn’t like, so I decided to find a way that I could eat a cookie every single day and still find success…

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