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What to Wear to an Interview: A Fashion Guide



Like many others, you may be fresh out of college wanting to show off your skills and personality to a prospective company, but have your elders in your ear telling you how to dress the part even though it’s completely outdated. You may also have several years of experience in a particular field and are looking to make a career change, but haven’t touched up on what is appropriate to wear to that interview.

It’s no secret the times have changed and in large part, thanks to our generation. We are bold, fearless, and determined. Some may categorize our efforts as lazy or unprofessional, mainly in the way we dress or carry ourselves, but we see our clothes and style telling a different story. Just decades ago jeans were more common for a relaxing Saturday morning or a night out at the local country club. Today they are found in many workplaces due to the comfort, diverse style changes, and revised fashion trends.

That being said, our generation is making its way through the professional world, gaining more responsibilities, and even making hiring decisions. It’s possible these hirees are expecting more of a casual dress as opposed to a suit and tie. For this reason, the infographic below was created as a fashion guide specifically for the modern woman to follow so that the simple part of an interview is taken care of.





cutmypicJen is passionate about women in the workforce and how their appearance may be helping or hurting them. She hopes to empower women with her research and words of encouragement.

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