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To All My Beautiful, Badass Ladies!

That Weird Brown Girl

The most dangerous animal in the world is a silent smiling woman.:

Stop for a second. Don’t think. Let them mumble and grumble and yap. Breathe. Open your eyes. Blink. Give the ceiling a small smirk.

Now, get the hell up!

Go running. Crunches, push-ups, squats, sweat, sweat, hustle, hustle till your muscles scream for mercy! Not the exercising type? No matter. Pour yourself a big cup of coffee, and don’t forget to add two spoons of attitude.

Your favourite shirt is too tight? Wear it. Skirt too short? Wear it. Dress too slutty? Wear it. Jeans too baggy? Wear it. It’s your body, clothe it however you like. Don’t forget to spray on that confidence while you’re at it.

Too much makeup? Absolutely perfect. No makeup? Still perfect. Dab that sexiness all over yourself.

Long nails painted red? Lovely. Chipped nails with scratched out nail colour? Fabulous.

Talk. Don’t keep your voice soft. Be polite. Respectful. But at the same time…

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