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Stacking Twenties: With Standing Plans

Stacking Twenties

You know how, in sitcoms, the groups of friends always have that one bar or coffee shop that they constantly hang out at? And how, in real life, it takes hours of group texting to figure out when everyone’s going to be free and what you guys want to do and then you end up getting there and spending way too much on some fancy cocktail while you can barely hear your friends, or the conversation you want to be part of is all the way at the other end of the table?

If I lived in a sitcom, I’d just have a standing date with all the people I like, and I’d get to see them regularly, and I wouldn’t spend my entire paycheck on it. Enter: game night! For the past month, a group of my friends have been getting together every Monday evening to eat a potluck dinner…

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