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I wish I was My Ex Boyfriend… Sometimes.


“Like a lot of girls I was pretty feisty, I was a tomboy I climbed the trees and I wrestled. And then suddenly, you were supposed to have boyfriends and you had to be a certain way, you had to be popular, and you had to be thin. And you had to be what they wanted you to be.

That became a very difficult time in my life. Partly I was suffering from the loss of that wonderful strong brave girl I had been. I was morning the loss of her.

And so I slept a lot and didn’t know what to do with myself, I was floundering.”

            -Jane Fonda

Okay. I’m doing it. I’ve been editing and re-editing my page for close to two hours now all to avoid writing this.

Part of writing this is making me feel like an asshole. Like what part of me could…

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