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Appealing To Millennials



There are a lot of articles about advertising to millennials. Here are a few tips on appealing to millennials by a millennial.

1. Know who we are



We were born as late as 1999 and as early as 1979. Before you try to talk about us or gauge our interests, make sure you know what age range you should be researching.

2. Investigate and find out our concerns & interests



Right now a lot of 20-somethings are focusing on the general struggle of adulthood, whilst the 30-something millennials seem to have a specific interest in finances. These are merely the tip of the iceberg. There’s so much that we’re concerned about. You can learn quite a bit if you merely crack the service of said iceberg.

3. We are more than a short-lived hashtag trend and cool slang



Self explanatory. When you think you’re being “cool” by easing our “lingo” into your articles and commercials, you are wrong. Very wrong. Just stop.

Or you can be like Oprah…

“I think I do speak to all ages, but the emphasis is, unlike everybody else who is chasing the Millennials, I’m not chasing the Millennials.”

…then again, unless you’re Oprah, you probably shouldn’t be like Oprah.




  1. Love this. I am not sure how we as millennials became a “thing”but many people that try to appeal to us try to hard. Plus, the idea of being lumped into an age coherent is annoying. In my opinion, we are all unique. For myself personally in terms of my way of thinking and my outlook on life, I am part millennial, part baby boomer and a very very small part post-millennial (but not really). Dido on point #3…that’s annoying. Great post!!


    • The phrase was coined in 1993 by two historians. There’s a snippet about it on the site. I agree that lumping us together is difficult. Many of us possess traits associated with various generations. The type of home you grew up in can be a large factor. Thank you! I’m glad you liked the post. Hopefully we can continue to carry out this message until it reaches the right ears.

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