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Drinking, Smoking, Snogging, Fighting – 21st August 1998

If Destroyed Still True

Friday 21stEmma’s now had Daz O’Brien on the phone to warn her off Howler. He’s jealous coz he supposedly fancies Emma too!

They’re all going to the cinema tonight. I’ve decided not to coz:

– it’s in Wigan with people I don’t really know
– Mum’ll worry so I’ll feel guilty
– I still don’t feel 100%
– Howler was taking the piss out of my name and saving bonds and stuff on the phone last night
– I haven’t got the energy
– I can’t think straight so I couldn’t get Howler back as well as I probably normally could.

I did go round to Emma’s before and just got off the bus here whilst she, Ralph and Freddie carried on to town. Freddie’s after Suzanna the Slapper tonight and so’s another lad. Howler, Daz and Ralph (possibly) are after Emma. Damn, I might be missing…

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