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Let’s Talk: Lessons in Patience

Sublunar Reflections

I haven’t always been a patient person. In fact, for most of my life I’ve been pretty much the exact opposite. I was a teenager with a hot temper, prone to lashing out with the most creative swear words I could come up with, and I frequently yelled at people like my family who didn’t deserve it.

But over the last five years I’ve really made an effort to try and be more patient. Especially with people. When I disagree with someone or with the way I’ve been treated, I first try to put things into context. That was the first lesson I learned in patience.

At some point I realized that moods have context and that they don’t come from nowhere. Maybe someone is taking out a hard day’s work on their waiter at dinner. Maybe they spoke harshly to their roommate because of a bad grade on…

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