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Learning To Live Life (Which Is Actually Insanely Hard To Do)

You Should See My Scars


So I had a real shit weekend.  In that weekend I re-recognised something I had forgotten recently.  Your pain and your suffering means nothing to anyone else.   (Well, if you’re fortunate enough to have a close family, a spouse who loves you, or VERY good close and REALfriends theres an exception)  However, if you’re reading this blog Im guessing you’re probably in the same boat as me and you don’t have any of that.

So before we go any further we need to let that sink in:

Very Little In Life Has Meaning, And Very Few People Will Ever Care About You. 

Especially in our modern age of excess we live in.  Capitalism has ruined our brains turning us into consumers rather than humans.  According to our society, togetherness no longer means anything.  Now happiness is found in that shirt from Abercrombie and Fitch that will make you…

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