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We Discovered a Place Called Twatt! – 1st-7th August 1998

If Destroyed Still True

Saturday 1stSpent most of the day travelling then stopped here at the Royal Dunkeld Hotel. There was a Scottie dog here called Fergus at the same time as us.

I thought I had a brain tuma [Oh, come on. I was a better speller than that.] coz I’d had a headache all day but Mum and Dad said it was sinusitis coz it was in my nose too.

At tea there was this man with really bad B.O. and we had to move coz Abby was nearly sick!


Sunday 2nd I got even more worried about my brain as I had another headache.

We stayed overnight ay my cousins’ house in Wick but their family went away so we didn’t see them then. When we got there we realised that the tickets for the ferry to Orkney were gone so Mum had to sort…

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