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11 Ways to Save on School

  • Rent a book or buy used. Talk to students in your program that have taken the classes you want to take and buy the books from them. Or buy the books for cheap at online stores like Amazonor AbeBooks.com


  • Sell your books right away when your done with the semester. Post an ad on campus, sell them to the bookstore or to a friend. You may end up getting pennies on the dollar for what you spent but it’s better to get something for them than nothing.
  • If you have the grades, become a Teaching Assistant or tutor in your school during the year.  They pay well above minimum wage, you get to refresh the material you already learned by teaching others & you get paid to do it. Of course if you have an internship during the school year that is even better.
  • Apply for scholarships, bursaries…

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