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5 Things That Were Better When You Were a Kid

Generation after generation we each agree that our childhood experiences were better than our successors. Here are a few reasons why we all think our generation had it better than the next.

WHEN I WAS A KID, we had better…

1. TV Shows


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Shows use to actually teach life lessons, were about real kids, and it felt like the audience was getting a peak into their lives. Now most kids shows have a gimmick, are packed full of drama, and some are even a little sheltering (to protect kids from finding out the smallest inkling of “real world” problems). The worst part…less adult jokes! At least Pixar still holds true to the “family” entertainment motto. Speaking of movies…

2. Films


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Like TV, films use to contain simple plots and were more about the art of filmmaking. Now blockbusters tend to be the nationwide trend: sequels, prequels, explosions and car chases, fads, young adult lit, ridiculous situational comedies, remakes, and superhero movies. The attention span of audiences is so short that most movies won’t even hold a shot for longer than three seconds. Nowadays if you want to see “art” you’ll have to hunt down an indie pic.

3. Music


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“Back in the day” music was about having a profound knowledge of the language of music. It was capable of not only relaying an emotion, but providing a great relatable life lesson. There was so much variety even within genres. Now it’s all about a dope beat and “art” and “artists” seem to have obtained very blurred definitions.

4. Social Interactions


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The days when kids would play, obesity rates were lower, and people actually knew how to talk in person. Though technology does have its advantages, there’s no denying that it has changed the way we all interact.

5. Gas Prices


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We can all agree on this one. Gas Prices have continued to increase at a high inflation rate since yesterday the 20s. Obviously the cost of living has as well, although minimum wage is not quite up to par, but that’s a conversation for another day. In the meantime I’d be happy to go back to $1.00 per gallon.


Remember other reasons you had the best childhood EVER? Share with us! The G.U.M Community appreciates it.

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  1. Yes on all these! Especially the tv shows! I still love watching kids shows from my childhood, but the ones today are mostly terrible! With the exception of Adventure Time, but I guess that’s more for older kids anyhow!


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