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Why You Should Work for Little to No Pay

WARNING: This may cause gif overload, but who doesn’t love a good gif.

After attending school for four years and building up debt, we all want to graduate with a salary paying job that allows us to live comfortably and pay off student loans.


By now, we all realize that this not exactly a realistic expectation if you’re a recent graduate. We end up getting jobs that may pay just enough to survive. Then we spend a decent amount of time searching for ways to make extra money: from getting a second job to starting a side business.

Typically second jobs don’t pay much more than the first, but it’s a little something extra each month. As for side businesses, their success and revenue depends on how much time we’re able to contribute.

Considering that we’re already working full time jobs (60 hours for me) it becomes difficult to put as much time into them as we’d like. 

I know what you’re thinking…collaborate! Easy solution, right? 



Putting in hard work for little to no pay is not ideal for anyone. This can make it difficult to build a team because there’s something a lot of people (millennials especially) seem to overlook: power in numbers. Working with a team allows all members to maintain their full time jobs while contributing when they can. 

I’ll put it this way: if Jane starts a blog and posts five times a day, then adds five contributors who also post five times a day, how many posts are being posted each day? 


I’m not the best at math but I feel safe saying the answer’s 30.

Now stay with me.

If your blog is able to put up 30 posts a day instead of 5 you’re more likely to gain more exposure because you’re posting more throughout the day. Not to mention, more contributors means you have a bigger audience you’re reaching out to!

More content = More followers = Potential for a legit business

There’s no denying that there’s power in numbers. Collaborating is the key to getting your business, blog, or project off the ground.

Help others with their’s.
Reach out for help with your projects.
Don’t turn your nose up at an opportunity. You never know when you’re passing up the next Facebook or Buzzfeed.

You know the dance. 


  1. So true. Starting a blog is not easy and you need to have a passion for what you are writing about. I think you are on to something…


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