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Why I choose to rent…for now at least

for-rent-sign-cartoonEver since my husband and I became debt free, most people in our circle of friends and family keep asking us when we are going to buy a house. It’s a very reasonable question as most people our age (early 30’s) are getting married, buying homes and making babies. The truthful answer to this is, I don’t know and I am in no rush.

After grinding away for 2.5 years to pay off $120,000 of debt, the last thing on my mind right now is to get into more debt. Now I know the argument that mortgage debt is good debt, but that is beside the point. Where I stand personally in my life right now, debt is debt. Yes, I agree good debt (if there is such a thing) provides you with a better interest rate and increases your long term assets (sometimes), but your still on the hook…

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