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Thoughts on the Resting B**ch Face

Chiradox |ˈkīrəˌdäks |


Okay, so here’s the thing; there are some people who just look angry in every day life. Yes, it’s true; when in a neutral moodthese survivors of resting bitch face exhibit what might be mistaken as a festeringrage. I’m sure everyone knows this though. These people are constantly having to explain that they’re “alright” and that “really, nothings wrong,” which is why society took it upon itself to create a quick explanation for their condemnationso that they don’t have to go through the wingding of a long drawn out answer to why they’re wearing the face that they were born with.

And all that’s great and good.

But then something went wrong.

Suddenly it became cool to have Resting Bitch Face Disorder. Suddenly, everyone wanted to have a resting bitch face that they could wear around like disposable 3D glasses with the lenses popped out – as a style. And…

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