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Envicase: A New Social Media for Fashion and Beauty

Written in the Cosmets

Hey lovlies, I don’t usually do posts on apps but this past weekend I have fallen in love with this one called Envicase. Currently it is only available for iphones but it will be released to android in the future.

What is it? It is a new mobile application in which users connect with each other through the items they own,sharing stories,providing useful shopping tips, and “envying” one another.


I know the word envy makes it seem kind of snobbish but let me tell you it is not! It’s a great tool for discovering new items. You post a picture, say where you bought it and the price! I am in love but I don’t think my wallet will be in a few months haha

Check it out and add me, inthecosmets !

Thanks for reading — xxoo Corinne





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